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Gaza faces starvation as Israel continues to block aid
Deliveries of humanitarian aid to Gaza dropped by 50 percent in February compared with January.
27.02.2024 11:18
Israeli police break up ultra-Orthodox Jews’ military service protest
Israeli police moved in to break up a protest by ultra-Orthodox Jews who want their exemption from military service.
27.02.2024 11:00
Hamas studying Paris truce proposals as Israel continues Gaza campaign
Palestinian group yet to comment on proposed deal, but decries international failure to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.
27.02.2024 09:46
Two people shot dead as Guinea protest turns bloody
The strike in Guinea's capital Conakry comes days after the military unexpectedly dissolved the transitional government.
27.02.2024 09:12
Israel’s war on Gaza: List of key events, day 144
As the war rages in Gaza, US President Joe Biden says he hopes a ceasefire can take effect by early next week.
27.02.2024 08:26
US claims ‘preemptive’ strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen
Military says it destroyed vessels and missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen that were aimed at the Red Sea.
27.02.2024 08:16
Biden hopes for a Gaza ceasefire by Monday
US president Joe Biden says he hopes a Gaza ceasefire deal can be agreed between Israel and Hamas by Monday.
27.02.2024 08:14
Ahead of India election, tension brews in Kashmir over tribal caste quotas
New law granting tribal status to Paharis has angered Gujjars and Bakerwals who fear dilution of constitutional rights.
27.02.2024 07:31
New Zealand moves to abolish Maori health authority despite protests
Centre-right government says health agency set up to improve access for Maori people will be shut down by end of June.
27.02.2024 07:03
Supreme Court questions Republican laws to tackle alleged social media bias
Conservative justices express concerns about Florida and Texas laws that curb platforms' content moderation policies.
27.02.2024 06:04
Biden hopes for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza by Monday
US president's comments come as negotiations to end Israel's devastating war on Gaza appear to gather pace.
27.02.2024 05:10
Canada unveils law to force tech firms to remove ‘harmful’ content online
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says web giants have failed to keep kids safe online.
27.02.2024 03:42
Taylor Swift’s father accused of assaulting photographer in Australia
Police in the state of New South Wales say they are investigating the alleged incident.
27.02.2024 02:17
After decades touting openness, Singapore sees foreign meddling threat
City-state's invocation of foreign interference law highlights challenges of maintaining a highly globalised economy.
27.02.2024 01:15
Democratic Republic of Congo is facing a humanitarian crisis
Heavy fighting between the Congolese army and M23 rebels is fuelling displacement and regional tensions.
26.02.2024 21:52
Two years in, left and right united in opposing more US aid for Ukraine
With no end in sight to conflict with Russia, conservatives and progressives say 'no' to more military aid for Ukraine
26.02.2024 21:30
Arabic calligraphy on dress design causes chaos in Pakistan
A Pakistani police officer is being hailed as a hero for negotiating the safe escort of a woman accused of blasphemy.
26.02.2024 21:02
France’s Macron does not rule out Europeans sending troops to Ukraine
French president opens door to European nations sending troops to Ukraine, but cautions that there was no consensus yet.
26.02.2024 20:37
Suicide vs genocide: Rest in power, Aaron Bushnell
Bushnell's extreme act of protest has put Western corporate media to shame.
26.02.2024 20:08
Hungary parliament elects new president following scandal
Parliament approves appointment of Tamas Sulyok, 67, a Constitutional Court chief, to replace Katalin Novak.
26.02.2024 19:31
Palestinians flee starvation in north Gaza
People in North Gaza are risking their lives by fleeing from north to south Gaza because they fear starving to death.
26.02.2024 19:23
Hungary ratifies Sweden’s NATO bid, clearing final obstacle to membership
Vote by Hungarian parliament ends more than 18 months of delays.
26.02.2024 18:35
The Bedouin clan resisting violent displacement by Israeli settlers
The people of al-Muarrajat remain undeterred, even after a recent and disturbing settler threat on their lives.
26.02.2024 18:26
Farmers clash with police near the European Union headquarters
Farmers have been protesting for weeks across Europe against red tape and competition from cheap imports.
26.02.2024 17:22
Hind Rajab: Were Israeli troops around where the six-year-old was killed?
Al Jazeera has analysed the final hours of a 6-year-old who begged to be rescued as Israeli tanks closed in on her.
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