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Donald Trump talks about moment he was shot at
Former US President Donald Trump spoke about how he survived Saturday’s assassination attempt.
19.07.2024 08:17
Key takeaways from Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention
Former US president accepts the Republican nomination in lengthy speech at the end of four-day convention in Milwaukee.
19.07.2024 08:09
Japan sees record 17.78 million visitors in first half of 2024
East Asian country sees tourism burst past pre-pandemic levels as weak yen draws record visitors.
19.07.2024 07:20
Drone attack on Israel’s Tel Aviv leaves one dead, at least 10 injured
Israel's military says it is investigating attack and why aerial defences failed to intercept 'target'.
19.07.2024 06:49
Two more Democratic lawmakers call on Biden to quit US presidential race
Senator Jon Tester and House Representative Jim Costa join calls for Biden to step aside.
19.07.2024 05:46
On North Korea’s tense border, Swiss and Swedes keep a fragile peace
Peacekeepers at the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Koreas say their job is getting more complex amid evolving threats.
19.07.2024 05:20
US stocks tumble as tech share rebound falters
Fears of new trade tensions with China drive main indexes lower.
19.07.2024 02:55
Trump to take RNC stage for first speech since assassination attempt
Trump allies promise 'different' candidate in wake of attack. Sceptics question how far more unifying message will go.
18.07.2024 22:44
What role do politics and business play in the Olympics?
Russia is banned from taking part in the Summer Games but Israel is allowed to compete.
18.07.2024 22:30
Far-right Israeli minister Ben-Gvir makes inflammatory Al-Aqsa visit
Israel's security minister toured a courtyard of Al-Aqsa Mosque in provocative move that could threaten ceasefire talks.
18.07.2024 21:49
Violent and fatal anti-quota protests rock Bangladesh
Protests in Bangladesh against reimposing a quota system for government jobs have become deadly.
18.07.2024 21:41
Paris Olympics 2024: Event facts – surfing, breaking, mascots, Eiffel Tower
Paris 2024 begins on July 26. Al Jazeera takes a look at some interesting facts surrounding the Olympics.
18.07.2024 21:13
Trump shooting timeline: Gunman spotted hour before tragedy
Audience members had reportedly spotted 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks and reported his behaviour as suspicious.
18.07.2024 21:02
Kenya court suspends police ban on protests in Nairobi
Before court decision, police had barred protests in the capital indefinitely amid continuing antigov't demonstrations.
18.07.2024 20:34
Israel keeps bombing Gaza schools. Why do people still shelter there?
Displaced Palestinians hope for protection and access to limited supplies in UN-run schools, but trauma is mounting.
18.07.2024 17:58
What’s behind Pakistan’s move to ban Imran Khan’s PTI?
Analysts say the move could have been triggered by recent legal wins for the PTI — but could backfire on the government.
18.07.2024 17:06
‘He’s got a gun’: The 60 minutes leading up to Trump assassination attempt
What do we know so far about what happened in the hour before the shooting?
18.07.2024 17:04
Is the world economic order changing?
The US has dominated the global economy for decades. But globalisation is facing a backlash.
18.07.2024 17:00
Why Palestinians in Gaza ask ‘Where are the Arabs?’
Since Israel began its war on Gaza, Palestinians have repeatedly been seen in videos asking “Where are the Arabs?”.
18.07.2024 16:46
Passenger train derails in India, killing at least two people
Rescue and relief services on ‘war footing’ after several carriages jumped tracks, leaving at least four overturned.
18.07.2024 16:05
Russia advances in Ukraine but suffers losses, rows with Western powers
Moscow was rushing reinforcements to Donetsk and Kharkiv after unexpectedly high losses for limited advances.
18.07.2024 15:59
Delegates wear Trump-style ear bandages at the RNC
Delegates at the Republican National Congress are donning fake ear bandages to show their support for Donald Trump.
18.07.2024 15:44
Rwandans have put their trust in a president who can deliver
Paul Kagame’s re-election for a fourth term is a reflection of the economic and social progress he has achieved.
18.07.2024 14:55
Vance or Harris: Does a VP pick help win the US election?
Decades of research shows that VP picks rarely swing the vote - in key states or among vital demographics.
18.07.2024 14:10
African elections show democracy should not be taken for granted
Some polls in Africa’s 2024 election marathon give hope, others raise alarm.
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