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'No assembly session can be called without notifying reserved seats'
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan's party claimed that no provincial assembly session may be called without first declaring the reserved seats, a day after Punjab and Sindh assemblies were summoned and chief ministers sworn in. Barrister Gohar Khan the head of Khan's PTI party said that new provincial assemblies should be constituted after all House members are notified.
27.02.2024 10:08
Putin ally admits Russia's growing dependency on China
Amid shifting away from Western affiliations due to sanctions related to the Ukraine conflict, Russia's trade with China has significantly increased. Efforts to obtain yuan loans have intensified since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, yet progress remains scant. Despite seeking Chinese capital to compensate for the shortfall from Western sanctions, finance minister Anton Siluanov acknowledged that an agreement remains elusive.
27.02.2024 06:17
Oil spills pile on pressure for Iraq's farmers
Iraq enjoys tremendous oil wealth but many hard-scrabble farmers in the north say crude spills have contaminated their lands, piling on pressure as they already battle drought. Oil spills in Iraq -- a country ravaged by decades of conflict, corruption and decaying infrastructure -- have contaminated farmland in the northern province, especially during the winter rains.
27.02.2024 06:00
Putting Western troops on the ground in Ukraine is not 'ruled out' in the future, French leader says
French president Macron discussed sending Western troops to Ukraine after a meeting of European leaders. No consensus was reached, but Macron emphasized support to prevent Russian aggression. Concerns remain about US support and Trump's potential return to the White House. Macron declined to provide details about which nations were considering sending troops, saying he prefers to maintain some "strategic ambiguity."
27.02.2024 05:17
Most UNSC members demand Taliban rescind decrees seriously oppressing women and girls
More than two-thirds of the UN Security Council demand that the Taliban rescind all policies oppressing women and girls. The council condemns the repression of women and girls by the Taliban and insists on their equal participation. Envoys discuss a roadmap for Afghanistan with the Taliban, emphasizing the need for inclusivity, diverse representation, and respect for human rights.
27.02.2024 04:50
Hamas in Moscow: What is Russia's role as Mideast mediator?
Delegates from various Palestinian factions, including Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestine Liberation Organization, will attend the Moscow conference for talks on the Israel-Hamas war, Palestinian Authority's role in Gaza, and Middle Eastern topics. The conference aims to showcase Russia's influence and support Palestinian national unity. Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization by the EU, the US and other governments, has run Gaza since 2007.
27.02.2024 04:20
Taylor Swift's dad accused of punching photographer in Australia
Reports from local news sources indicate that the victim was an Australian photographer who had been awaiting the arrival of Taylor Swift and her father at the Neutral Bay dock after a nocturnal outing on Sydney Harbour.At the time of the purported assault, Taylor Swift was with her father but had already entered a vehicle.
27.02.2024 03:30
US president Biden holds hope for Gaza truce by next Monday
US President Joe Biden hopes for a ceasefire in Gaza by next week. A mutual understanding was reached during a Paris meeting. Talks are ongoing during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Qatar's Emir and Hamas chief discuss immediate ceasefire. Israeli military campaign results in deaths and hostages in Gaza.
27.02.2024 02:31
Death of non-binary student, 16, in Oklahoma spotlights anti-trans laws in some US states
An altercation at an Oklahoma school bathroom resulted in the death of a non-binary student who poured water on girls who mocked them. The incident drew scrutiny, highlighting the dangers faced by transgender students and the need to address LGBTQ student rights.
27.02.2024 02:01
China’s anti-graft body to probe BRI projects for the first time
China President Xi Jinping’s trillion-dollar trade and infrastructure Belt and Road Initiative will be investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection amid corruption allegations and debt traps. The CCDI, led by Li Xi, will prioritize system reforms, integrity, and the establishment of judicial organs.
27.02.2024 01:50
Woman in Arabic-script dress saved from mob in Pakistan
Prompt police intervention saved a young girl in an Arabic calligraphy dress from a mob in Lahore’s busy Ichra Bazaar on Sunday. The mob had accused her of blasphemy. The situation turned ugly as more than 300 people forced the woman into a nearby restaurant and demanded she remove the dress.
26.02.2024 19:50
MP in Commons accuses India of transnational repression of UK Sikhs
British MP Preet Gill raises concerns about transnational repression against British Sikhs by individuals connected to India. Gill questions the effectiveness of measures implemented by the security minister, Tom Tugendhat, to combat this issue. Five Eyes nations have expressed concerns over the targeting of Sikh activists in the UK by individuals linked to India. Gill made these remarks during the home office oral questions in the House of Commons.
26.02.2024 19:41
Sweden set to become Nato member after Hungary ratifies bid
Hungary's parliament approved Sweden's NATO bid, the final step for its accession to the alliance amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The ratification, with 188 votes in favor and six against, marks a historic moment, making Sweden the 32nd NATO member. NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg hailed the decision, emphasizing its significance for strengthening Euro-Atlantic security.
26.02.2024 17:30
Why a woman wearing 'Halwa' dress faced mob fury in Pakistan
In Pakistan, a woman faced a blasphemy accusation for wearing a dress with Arabic script, mistaken for Quranic verses. Amid a mob gathering, police intervened to escort her to safety. It was clarified that the script was not sacred. The incident reflects the sensitivity of blasphemy accusations in Pakistan, driven by strict laws and societal pressure.
26.02.2024 17:04
Israeli military presents a plan for a Rafah offensive to the War Cabinet
The Israeli Prime Minister's office has announced that the army has presented its plan for a ground offensive into Rafah, Gaza's southern town. This comes amidst global concern for the situation in Rafah, where displaced Palestinians have sought refuge. Israel's allies have emphasized the importance of protecting civilians in the battle against Hamas.
26.02.2024 11:23
Japan's Moon lander SLIM revives after two-week lunar night
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully revived its Moon lander, SLIM, after a two-week lunar night. SLIM conducted scientific observations of a crater using its high-spec camera. Despite initial uncertainties, SLIM confirmed its communication capabilities after surviving the lunar night. JAXA plans to resume operations once instrument temperatures have cooled down.
26.02.2024 10:55
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