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Israelis vote in local elections amid public apathy and Gaza war delay
Polling stations opened at 7 A.M. and close at 10 P.M. ■ Turnout is expected to be low ■ Due to the large number of absentee votes, final results will only be issued about five days after the elections ■ Israeli soldiers in combat will vote from within Gaza Strip
27.02.2024 05:00
Israel's government becomes Netanyahu's regime, one blow after another on democracy
Netanyahu and his partners have made it clear what the goal of their pure right-wing government is the suppression of freedom of speech and the establishment of a religious-nationalist autocracy that bars those who think differently from the public sphere
27.02.2024 05:00
Dozens of rockets launched into northern Israel; Biden sets March 4 target for Gaza cease-fire
Sources say Hamas studies Paris truce proposal involving 40-day cease-fire and hostage exchange ■ IDF kills Islamic Jihad member in West Bank ■ Palestinian PM submits resignation, will head transitional PA government ■ IDF confirms it killed head of Hezbollah's eastern command; Hezbollah says it fired 60 rockets in response to strikes
27.02.2024 04:13
Shin Bet warns criminals have infiltrated Israeli-Arab councils, recommends postponing local elections
Secret document sent to the Interior Ministry claims that criminal gangs hold key positions in seven municipalities and warns that they could obtain massive quantities of arms and explosives
27.02.2024 01:26
Right-wing NGO to apologize to Palestinian activist for saying he resided in same home as terrorist
Ad Kan falsely claimed on Facebook that Issa Amro was a relative of the man who murdered the Israeli infant Shalhevet Pass in 2001
27.02.2024 00:45
Israel confirms: State paid for war-time repairs on Netanyahu's private swimming pool
Following a report in Haaretz, the legal advisor in the Prime Minister's Office wrote that some of the repairs were carried out, while other requests were denied by the comptroller – who has since resigned
27.02.2024 00:10
Haaretz Cartoon
26.02.2024 22:27
Authorities to investigate Berlinale cases of onstage criticism of Israel's Gaza conduct
With several filmmakers using the festival's stage to protest the war in Gaza, the investigation aims to ensure the Berlinale will be free from hate speech in the future, while maintaining that 'expressions of opinion at cultural events should not be fundamentally prevented'
26.02.2024 21:56
Bank of Israel holds interest rate unchanged at 4.5%, citing persistent uncertainty amid Gaza war
Inflation fell to an annual 2.6 percent in January, its lowest in two years. 'When we see that inflation seems to be stabilizing, we will be able to continue lowering interest rates,' the governor of the Bank of Israel said, citing high uncertainty amid the Gaza war
26.02.2024 21:37
Petition signed by thousands of artists and curators aims to exclude Israel from Venice Biennale
In an open letter to the international art exhibition, signatories call for 'no Genocide Pavilion' and claim the planned Israeli exhibition represents a state 'engaged in atrocities against Palestinians'
26.02.2024 20:33
Netanyahu admits knowing of only 'few' Israeli SIM cards activated by Hamas on Oct. 7, contrary to earlier denial
The Prime Minister's office denied Netanyahu knew about the telltale sign of Hamas' Oct 7 attack, but two top defense officials told Haaretz he was involved in discussions about it in the first few days of the war. The PM then admitted to hearing of the issue 'after October 7'
26.02.2024 19:28
Israel at war: What you need to know – day 143
Israeli delegation lands in Qatar for hostage release deal talks ■ Israel's war cabinet approves direct entry of aid into north Gaza ■ IDF says it located system of tunnels around 10 kilometers long in the Strip ■ Israel failing to comply with ICJ order to provide aid to Gazans, Human Rights Watch says ■ IDF says head of Hezbollah's eastern command ■ Here's what you need to know 143 days into the war
26.02.2024 18:58
Israel's airstrikes reach Hezbollah stronghold 'deep inside Lebanon' for first time in war
A day after Israel's Defense Minister said attacks on Hezbollah would continue even if a cease-fire is reached in Gaza, and shortly after Hezbollah shot down an Israeli drone, Israel's air force carried out three airstrikes near Baalbek, unprecedented for this war
26.02.2024 18:28
On Israeli TV, you're an antisemite if you dare mention the occupation
Israeli documentarian Yuval Abraham's acceptance speech at the Berlin International Film Festival for 'No Other Land' on Saturday has been branded as antisemitic by the Kan public broadcaster. Anyone who refers to the facts is seen as a Jew-hater these days
26.02.2024 18:27
Israeli intelligence agencies detected Israeli SIM cards activated by Hamas hours before Oct 7 assault
This was a sign of unusual activity, which triggered a meeting of top defense officials during early hours ■ The prevailing assessment said it was a Hamas exercise ■ Netanyahu's office says the prime minister 'was not aware of this until now,' IDF says those SIM cards were activated in past incidents
26.02.2024 17:26
U.S. soldier fatally set himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in protest of American support of Gaza war
In an act of protest against U.S. support for Israel's war in Gaza, the 25-year-old soldier said he 'will no longer be complicit in genocide,' before self-immolating. He later died from his wounds
26.02.2024 16:55
Palestinian prime minister resigns; will head transitional government
President Mahmoud Abbas has accepted Mohammed Shtayyeh's resignation, automatically bringing about the resignation of his entire cabinet. Sources say Abbas will use the act to pressure the United States, Israel and Hamas
26.02.2024 16:50
Israel files report to ICJ detailing actions in Gaza Strip do not constitute genocide
Sources have told Haaretz that the Israeli report deals mainly with evidence that Israel is fulfilling its humanitarian obligations to Gazans and is complying with the provisional measures ordered by the court in its interim decision
26.02.2024 16:23
The case for a tuberculosis vaccine to prevent dementia
The BCG vaccine has been in use since 1921. Now two new papers survey the vaccine and explain how it may protect not only our lungs but our minds
26.02.2024 16:01
When violence dominates local Arab-Israeli elections, democracy loses
Arab-Israeli public officials are being increasingly targeted by criminals, hoping to get their way through threats, extortion and force ahead of Tuesday's local elections. Running for office shouldn't cost people their lives
26.02.2024 15:56
The shrewdest ruler in the Middle East: What to know about the emir of Qatar
The emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, has transformed his tiny emirate into an international powerhouse. His British education comes in handy in the West when he's not busy reconciling with his Gulf neighbors and financing Hamas
26.02.2024 15:08
Coffee is in danger. Could salvation for caffeine addicts come from the lab?
Americans alone drink 400 million cups of coffee a day. But with climate change wreaking havoc on crops, scientists are starting to produce coffee from cell cultures grown in a bioreactor – which they believe does amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world
26.02.2024 14:32
Barbra Streisand shines a subtle light on antisemitism in award acceptance speech
Responses to Streisand's speech on social media were mixed, with some praising her courage to address the issue and others saying she hadn't gone far enough
26.02.2024 13:18
By nixing Israel Prize, Netanyahu's loyalist education minister showed contempt for much more
Education Minister Yoav Kisch cancelled most of this year's categories because one of the recipients led anti-government protests, turning the Israel Prize into his own private enterprise
26.02.2024 13:10
Bans, backlash and sales: Books on Israel and Palestine are flying off the shelves
A book on a Palestinian boy which was removed from the curriculum of a New Jersey school district and an Israel-Palestine corner in a NY bookshop that got world attention are just two examples of how books on Israel and Palestine are shaking up the publishing world and bringing new conversations to the surface since October 7
26.02.2024 11:09
Gaza and Israel, a new word association game
Here lie their dead in the square. Impressive tactical achievements. Today we killed dozens of terrorists. The army killed police officers securing aid trucks from looters. And it goes on and on
26.02.2024 10:55
Israeli High court orders state to clarify why it doesn't enlist yeshiva students into IDF service
Former Mossad head, who joined the petitions calling for the ultra-Orthodox sector to be enlisted to serve, says 'no country can exist without sharing the burden'
26.02.2024 10:18
As Israel waits for Hamas response, Netanyahu hardens his stance again
Positive signs from Hamas on the progress of the hostage negotiations may indicate effects of Israel's military pressure, as well as that a deal could lead to the end of the war ■ Israel Police behave as if they're the Ben-Gvir Police, and not only in Tel Aviv
26.02.2024 04:56
Biden sets March 4 target for Gaza truce; Mossad chief: Delaying north Gaza aid will jeopardize hostage deal
Israeli delegation in Qatar for hostage deal talks ■ Palestinian PM submits resignation, will head transitional PA government ■ IDF confirms it assassinated head of Hezbollah's eastern command; Hezbollah says it fired 60 rockets in response to strikes ■ Israeli war cabinet to allow aid directly into north Gaza
26.02.2024 04:49
Hezbollah needs a Gaza hostage deal to dictate its policies in Lebanon
The growing opposition to Nasrallah's policy of tying the border conflict with Israel to the war in Gaza means the Hezbollah leader may need to focus much more on regaining full control over Lebanon's political processes, and prepare for the truly important campaign – the one over appointing a president who will preserve the group's status and its arms
25.02.2024 23:13
Israeli police officer questioned for beating a protester two days after war in Gaza began
In a video recording taken at the demonstration, Superintendent Meir Suissa is seen shoving protesters outside the Kirya complex in Tel Aviv, including an elderly protester who he pushed to the ground
25.02.2024 22:25
Palestinian Authority conditions new government formation to Israeli Gaza withdrawal
The PLO has been discussing changing the composition of the Ramallah-based government to include Hamas and other organizations. A senior source says conditions for the change include 'national agreement by all the Palestinian factions' and a halt to the IDF raids in West Bank cities
25.02.2024 22:24
Netanyahu demands to deport 'major prisoners' swapped; Senior Israeli official slams PM's 'performances'
A senior Israeli source said that Netanyahu raised his demands for deportation only after the U.S., Qatar and Egypt had already presented their proposal, and thereby complicated the negotiations. 'Even if this is a negotiating tactic, his performances are liable to cause damage,' he warned
25.02.2024 22:20
Haaretz Cartoon
25.02.2024 22:15
Why Israel's police are ramping up violence against the families of hostages
Last night's protest was notable not only because of the intensity of police violence, but the speed with which security forces began to react aggressively. It marked a significant turning point in Israel's protest movement. But the question is: For whom?
25.02.2024 21:17
IDF announces death of Israeli soldier killed on Oct. 7 and taken into Gaza
Armored Corps soldier Oz Daniel was killed after his tank was hit on October 7 by Hamas. His body was taken into the Gaza Strip by Hamas, who still holds it. The army's Chief Rabbi determined his death after examining findings that allow his burial per Halakha
25.02.2024 20:59
Israel blocks work visas from international aid NGO workers in West Bank and Gaza
The refusal has disrupted the operations of numerous agencies involved in providing medical assistance, food, and water to Gaza residents, who are primarily affected by acute hunger and dehydration. Some aid workers told Haaretz they fear political motivations are behind the decision
25.02.2024 20:38
Netanyahu is no Zelenskyy. But they do have one thing in common
The second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a somber moment of soul-searching in Kyiv and further afield. And even though it's almost impossible to compare the war in Ukraine and Israel's war in Gaza, there are still strategic implications Israel should absorb
25.02.2024 19:30
Tuesday's Democratic primary in Michigan becomes referendum on Biden's Gaza war stance
With Michigan's sizable Arab-American and Muslim-American communities, U.S. President Joe Biden will find out how much his actions since October 7 might affect his chances of being reelected in November
25.02.2024 19:16
U.S. says 'basic contours' for hostage deal reached; Netanyahu casts doubt on Hamas demands
The U.S. national security advisor stated that Israel, Egypt, Qatar, and the U.S. have agreed on preliminary conditions for a deal; Netanyahu said that if a deal materializes, the IDF's planned raid on Rafahn will be 'delayed somewhat'
25.02.2024 19:00
From Soros to Stefanik: Seven talking points from biggest U.S. conservative confab
This weekend's Conservative Political Action Committee in Maryland featured all of the gathering's greatest hits, including self-identified Nazis, former President Donald Trump threatening the 'largest deportation' in the country's history and attacks on Jewish billionaire George Soros. And yes, the Israeli government sent a representative
25.02.2024 18:52
Israel at war: What you need to know – day 142
Qatar will host Israel-Hamas talks to reach new hostage release/cease-fire deal ■ Senior Hamas official: Optimism over possible new deal 'does not reflect reality' ■ Two Hezbollah members reportedly killed in Israeli airstrike on the Syria-Lebanon border ■ WH: President Biden has not seen or been briefed on any Israeli plans for military op in Rafah ■ Here's what you need to know 142 days into the war
25.02.2024 18:49
Netanyahu minister axed Israel prize in science upon discovering recipient protested judicial coup
Although the decision to cancel the prize categories was announced ten days ago, the education minister made it several weeks ago, after learning that the prize jury had chosen Israeli tech giant Eyal Waldman in the field of science. He was a leading protester against Netanyahu's judicial coup
25.02.2024 18:41
New York Times insists Israel withdraw 'false accusations' against Gazan photographer for October 7 images
Following Israeli allegations of the Gazan photojournalist taking part in Hamas' attack on southern Israel, the New York Times issued a letter to the Israeli consulate in New York contending that the reported accusations are 'false' and 'reckless'
25.02.2024 17:26
Palestinian-Israeli documentary on West Bank occupation wins Berlin Film Festival award
The film, entitled 'No Other Land,' was created by a collective of Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers and tells the story of Masafer Yatta in the West Bank, which has been the site of a decades-long struggle between the Palestinians who live there and both the Israeli government and Jewish settlers
25.02.2024 16:45
Founder of Israel's Black Panthers and former MK Charlie Biton dies at 76
Biton, a native of Casablanca, Morocco, fought for the rights of Mizrahi Jews in Israel. The organization he founded became a Mizrahi left-wing movement that combined ethnic and class struggle and sought to establish a Palestinian state
25.02.2024 15:36
Man shot dead in Arab-Israeli city, suspected criminal motive
Three men in their 30s were seriously wounded in the shooting event. The police chased and arrested two suspects who were trying to escape in a vehicle
25.02.2024 15:19
'This will bring out more people': Police violence marks turning point for anti-Netanyahu protesters
'There are young people who came back after four months in Gaza, and the water cannon does not scare them,' said one protester. Many believe that the escalation by police will drive people from their homes and into the streets
25.02.2024 13:32
'Move Gaza's Arabs to Ireland': Former U.S. Jewish spy Pollard endorses Israel's far-right Ben-Gvir
According to Pollard, Ben-Gvir's 'heart is in the right place,' and is now considering running on the Otzma Yehudit ticket in the next election
25.02.2024 12:47
How India's pro-Palestinian backlash threatens a Modi-Netanyahu deal
Modi and Netanyahu have agreed to import Indian labor to replace Palestinian construction workers barred from entry due to the war in Gaza. But while Indian workers are keen, their vehemently pro-Palestinian unions are putting up a fight
25.02.2024 12:41
Netanyahu's 'day after' plan for Gaza is not feasible, and is not a plan
The post-war Gaza plan furtively released by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday is a list of unilateral statements that barely deserves serious review
25.02.2024 11:50
PA fears Hamas will agree to technocratic gov't in Gaza, 'expanding divide with West Bank'
Hamas officials are seeking a government of officials to manage the Gaza Strip, giving them indirect influence. The Palestinian Authority believes this will only serve Israel and its prime minister, by separating Gaza and the West Bank further
25.02.2024 11:20
Two Israeli soldiers killed in southern Gaza fighting
Staff Sgt. Nerya Belete, 21, from Shavei Shomron, and Staff Sgt. Ido Eli Zrihen, 20, from Jerusalem, served in the Givati Brigade's patrol unit
25.02.2024 10:25
As hostage talks advance, Netanyahu remains the unknown factor
Diplomatic officials in Israel gave a relatively optimistic briefing to correspondents after the Israeli delegation returned from the summit in Paris. If, unlike the last rounds of negotiations, Netanyahu stays relatively silent, the deal might have a chance
25.02.2024 07:14
Israeli team to head to Qatar for talks after U.S. says 'basic contours' for hostage deal reached
IDF announces death of soldier taken captive on October 7 ■ U.S. National Security Advisor says he 'has some concerns' about Israel's plan for post-war Gaza ■ Two Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza fighting ■ Report: Two Hezbollah members killed in Israeli airstrike on Syria-Lebanon border
25.02.2024 05:32
Haaretz Cartoon
25.02.2024 03:03
Hostage talks advance in Paris; deal could come before Ramadan
The Israeli delegation to Paris received a proposal that largely reflects Israel's position; According to a foreign diplomat, the deal's progress is now in Hamas' hands
25.02.2024 01:31
Israeli soldier killed by anti-tank fire in northern Gaza, military announces
Soldiers who served under the company commander said the 24-year-old from Carmiel was an outstanding, respected commander
24.02.2024 21:41
Police detain 21 anti-gov't protesters in Tel Aviv, use water cannon to disperse protest
'The police created this mess,' one of the leaders of the weekly demonstrations said. 'The number of protesters was not greater than in previous weeks. When they activated the water cannon ... they turned it into a significant event that drew people'
24.02.2024 21:26
Settlers attack Israeli soldiers helping Palestinian shepherds look for stolen goats
The soldiers insisted the settlers get back in their car and leave, but they ignored them. One of them shoved a soldier, who in response fired into the air as a warning. Another settler yelled at him in reply, 'Did you shoot? Traitorous son of a bitch'
24.02.2024 20:32
Israel at war: What you need to know – day 141
Sources: 'Significant progress' made on new framework for a deal in Paris talks ■ Independent UN experts call for arms embargo on Israel ■ UN Human Rights Office seeks to investigate human rights violations in Israel and the Palestinian territories ■ Houthi attack causes 'major' oil slick in Red Sea ■ Here's what you need to know 141 days into the war
24.02.2024 19:32
Netanyahu's ideas for postwar Gaza are aimed at strengthening the occupation
A leader with a real diplomatic plan would have presented it to the public in prime time rather than reveal it in the dead of night
24.02.2024 18:45
Over a week after his death, body of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny handed over to his mother
Prominent Russians released videos calling on authorities to release the body, and Western nations have hit Russia with more sanctions as punishment for Navalny's death as well as for the second anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine
24.02.2024 18:27
UN experts call for arms embargo against Israel over Gaza war
More than a dozen UN experts said the International Court of Justice's finding that the risk of genocide in Gaza was plausible means all weapons shipments to Israel must be halted
24.02.2024 16:17
Ancient documents may void sale of the last open land in Jerusalem's Old City
Jerusalem residents are protesting a real estate deal for the last large open space in the Old City, which Ottoman-era documents show was intended to benefit the Armenian community
24.02.2024 16:04
Brazil's president doubles down on Gaza genocide claims against Israel
Brazil's President Lula da Silva reiterated his previous comments comparing Israel's conduct in Gaza to the Nazi Holocaust, which Israel has vehemently pushed back against, saying it is targeting Hamas – not the Palestinian people
24.02.2024 15:10
Houthi strike on British-owned ship causes huge oil leak in Red Sea, U.S. says
The missile attack forced the crew to abandon the ship, which had been on its way to Bulgaria after leaving the United Arab Emirates. It was transporting more than 41,000 tons of fertilizer, the U.S. military said in a statement
24.02.2024 11:29
Israeli war cabinet agrees to send delegation to Qatar for hostage talks
U.S., Brititish forces strike Houthi targets across Yemen ■ Thousands demonstrate across Israel for hostage release deal, to demand early elections ■ War cabinet to discuss Paris hostage release proposal Saturday night, sources say 'significant progress' in talks on new framework ■ IDF names soldier killed in combat in northern Gaza
24.02.2024 04:28
Millions raised for elite troops: As IDF response to PTSD falls short, veterans' groups step in
Whether it's combat materiel or a therapeutic desert retreat, nonprofit groups founded by former members of special-ops units have raised millions of shekels to assist those fighting in Gaza. Soldiers receive vital support – but at the price of privatization and growing disparities between various army units
24.02.2024 03:02
Israel is testing how far it can push reservists
A broad social experiment is underway in Gaza, which is examining how much dissonance IDF reservists can be subjected to before they say they've had enough
23.02.2024 23:31
Who killed Palestinian-American teen Mohammad Khdour?
A 17-year-old boy dies, and the Israeli officials in uniform haven't heard about it – an almost unprecedented occurrence in the annals of West Bank shootings. At least the U.S. Embassy is investigating
23.02.2024 22:52
U.S. states West Bank settlements illegal, reversing Trump era 'Pompeo Doctrine'
Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Israel announcement of new settlement construction was a 'disappointment,' adding that they are 'counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace'
23.02.2024 19:21
Israel at war: What you need to know – day 140
Biden admin declares West Bank settlements are 'inconsistent with international law' after Israel announces plans to build thousands of housing units ■ PM Netanyahu unveils plan for 'the day after' in Gaza ■ Israeli negotiators are in Paris for summit aimed at securing hostage release/cease-fire deal ■ Hamas Health Ministry: 700,000 children suffering from malnutrition, dehydration in Gaza ■ Here's what you need to know 140 days into the war
23.02.2024 19:01
The Palestinian leadership's plans for the post-Abbas days are struggling to take off
Calls within the PLO for a new political vision have increased against the backdrop of the war in Gaza, and U.S. demands for a comprehensive reform. The maneuvering between Israel and Hamas and the tight schedule make the task especially complicated
23.02.2024 18:59
Israeli army: Two Islamic Jihad operatives killed in overnight airstrike in West Bank city of Jenin
According to Palestinian militant group, the two were Said Jaradat and Yasser Hanoun – a 'field commander.' The IDF said Hanoun was on his way to carry out a shooting attack
23.02.2024 14:35
Unveiling his postwar Gaza plan, Netanyahu shows that international pressure on Israel is bearing fruit
The prime minister's newly released plan for Gaza's future lacks much innovation, but it could fit into the outline formulated by the international community. The important question that remains is when will Israel withdraw from the Gaza Strip and allow for its rehabilitation to begin
23.02.2024 14:16
Israel rolls out state-funded health care 'basket' for 2024
A budget bump of 650 million shekels ($179 million) will fund new services and technologies including treatments for growth disorders and severe asthma as well as expanding eligibility for invasive prenatal screening tests
23.02.2024 12:25
At a crossroads between Gaza, the White House and a Jerusalem courtroom, Netanyahu keeps all options open
Ehud Barak has joined defense establishment figures imploring Gantz and Eisenkot not to resign from the government; The Meron disaster commission, whose findings are expected to be published soon, looks like a teaser for what awaits the prime minister after his criminal trial
23.02.2024 11:19
Eisenkot enables Israel's far-right firebugs by propping up Netanyahu's calamitous coalition
The illusion that the National Unity Party's presence in the emergency government is helping Israel maximize its wartime goals has morphed into damage control ■ The 'Zionism' of Smotrich, Ben-Gvir and their ilk is fascism, which puts the state before the individual
23.02.2024 05:00
Netanyahu's three options: a hostage deal, Rafah offensive or more empty promises
An Israeli delegation will travel to Paris for negotiations over a hostages-for-truce deal, but domestic opposition in Israel and Hamas' intransigence mean CIA director William Burns has his work cut out
23.02.2024 05:00
Blinken says U.S. 'disappointed' with Israeli plans to build 3,000 homes in West Bank
Family members of hostages held in Gaza block Tel Aviv highway in protest ■ Israeli delegation arrives in Paris for new round of hostage, cease-fire talks ■ Senior member of Hezbollah's missile corps killed in Israeli strike on south Lebanon ■ Leading Hamas member says Gaza could be led by another 'competent Palestinian government' ■ China demands World Court to speak out on Israeli occupation ■ Houthis say they will ban all U.S., U.K.-owned ships from crossing Red Sea
23.02.2024 04:26
Haaretz Cartoon
23.02.2024 03:03
'My friends in Canada told me to come home. But I'm doing something meaningful in Israel'
This week at Ben-Gurion airport: A Canadian engineer who found himself driving up and down Israeli roads to maintain medevac helicopters amid war, and a French bathing suit designer who felt at home in Israel the moment she stepped foot here
23.02.2024 03:00
Why a Yiddish renaissance is underway in Sweden, of all places
Yiddish as an official minority language? A government agency that promotes Yiddish? Translations into that language of 'Harry Potter' and 'The Lord of the Rings' – and all this in Sweden?? Vos? Yo, yo!
23.02.2024 02:27
'Israel's existential threat is from within': David Ivry, a pillar of Israeli defense for decades, tells all
David Ivry was in the war room during almost every critical juncture of Israeli defense. Now, in his 90th year, with the country in perhaps its worst crisis ever, the former air force commander, deputy IDF chief of staff and ambassador to Washington is ready to get down to brass tacks
23.02.2024 01:42
Netanyahu unveils Israel's plan for postwar Gaza: Full demilitarization and closing UNRWA
Four and a half months after the start of the Israel-Hamas war, the Israeli prime minister has brought his plan to the war cabinet for approval
23.02.2024 01:11
Israel planning 3,000 new settlement homes in response to fatal terror attack
Move will likely trigger outrage from U.S. officials - both in public and behind the scenes - as Washington attempts to maintain regional calm in the weeks before Ramadan
23.02.2024 00:17
Secular Jerusalemites are preoccupied with the war, but local politicians are fighting for power
The secular parties say that a high ultra-Orthodox turnout could hand the Haredi parties on majority on the council in Tuesday's municipal elections and change the city's fragile religious status quo
22.02.2024 23:58
When it comes to a Palestinian state, who's asking Israel, anyway?
The only genuine political opposition to Netanyahu is in the extreme right, whose members cleave to Netanyahu while waiting for zero hour – in a few years, when they're big enough – to completely take control of Israel
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