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Depardieu faces new allegation of sexual assault
In the latest of a string of accusations, a set designer accuses the French actor of grabbing her in 2021.
27.02.2024 11:57
Hope for Gaza ceasefire by next week, says Biden
The US president says the warring sides are close to a truce but Hamas says a deal is not that close.
27.02.2024 11:31
Why Nigeria's economy is in such a mess
Nigeria is experiencing its worst economic crisis in a generation, leading to nationwide protests.
27.02.2024 11:28
Dozens killed during prayers at Burkina Faso mosque
The authorities say it happened on the same day that churchgoers were killed during morning mass.
27.02.2024 11:22
Sweden midfielder Olsson on ventilator in hospital
Sweden international and former Arsenal midfielder Kristoffer Olsson is on a ventilator in hospital after losing consciousness at his home on 20 February.
27.02.2024 11:05
India names astronauts for maiden space flight
The Gaganyaan mission aims to send astronauts to an orbit of 400km and bring them back after three days.
27.02.2024 09:37
Inside Gaza: Follow a day in the lives of Gazans as war nears five-month mark
The BBC is hearing first-hand accounts of what daily life is like for people living in Gaza.
27.02.2024 08:05
Paparazzo accuses Taylor Swift's father of assault
The photographer did not need medical treatment and Australian police are investigating.
27.02.2024 07:47
Two bodies found in search for missing Sydney couple
Australian police have found two bodies while searching for suspected murder victims Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.
27.02.2024 07:38
Russian defeat in Ukraine vital for Europe - Macron
France's president says European states will give Ukraine medium- and long-range missiles and bombs.
27.02.2024 06:19
South Korean woman dies as doctor strike continues
The woman in her 80s was turned away from seven different hospitals amid an ongoing strike.
27.02.2024 06:11
Top Disney movies boss steps down in shakeup
Sean Bailey, the head of the media giant's live-action film studio, stepped down after 15 years.
27.02.2024 05:05
US couple on hijacked boat feared killed
Authorities in Grenada believe the couple were thrown into the sea by three escaped inmates.
27.02.2024 02:39
Trump appeals against fraud case as interest accrues
The initial penalty in the New York trial was $355m, but it is soaring because of interest.
27.02.2024 01:57
Medical students find out school will be tuition-free
Students broke into cheers and tears as a former professor at a New York college announced a $1bn donation.
27.02.2024 01:41
US airman dies after setting himself alight at Israeli embassy
Secret Service agents extinguished the flames during the incident on Sunday afternoon.
27.02.2024 00:14
The young refusing to become Myanmar's 'human shields'
The Myanmar junta's mandatory military service law has sparked fear, anxiety and defiance.
26.02.2024 23:21
Pentagon clears Austin of hospital stay wrongdoing
A review finds Secretary Austin had no "ill intent" in not notifying seniors of his cancer treatment.
26.02.2024 23:02
UN's top court hears key case on Israeli occupation
The ICJ will issue an opinion on the legality of the occupation, though Israel has snubbed the hearings.
26.02.2024 22:24
'Who will call me Dad?' Tears of Gaza father who lost 103 relatives
Ahmad al-Ghuferi's wife, mother and daughters were killed when a strike hit the home where they sheltered.
26.02.2024 22:01
Boeing review finds 'disconnect' on safety
A report ordered by the government finds "gaps in Boeing's safety journey".
26.02.2024 21:10
College to offer free medical degrees after $1bn gift
The record-breaking donation came from a 93-year-old former professor, who is the widow of a wealthy investor.
26.02.2024 20:16
Navalny was about to be freed in prisoner swap, says colleague
Maria Pevchikh claims the Russian opposition leader was set to be exchanged for a hitman when he died.
26.02.2024 18:57
23 jailed over child deaths linked to cough syrup
The Uzbekistan judgement also gives compensation to families of children who died or became disabled.
26.02.2024 18:39
'My bank manager stole $1.9m from my account'
Shveta Sharma accuses the bank manager at India's ICICI Bank of pulling an elaborate con.
26.02.2024 17:01
Mauritius says cruise ship can dock after cholera scare
The passengers developed gastroenteritis after visiting South Africa - not cholera, authorities say.
26.02.2024 14:38
Brussels: Farmers protest leaves streets in chaos
Europe correspondent Nick Beake on the scene as farmers take to the streets in protest.
26.02.2024 12:46
The Indians ‘duped’ into fighting for Russia in Ukraine
Their families have appealed to the Indian government for help getting them back home.
26.02.2024 08:24
Thousands attend Bolsonaro rally in Brazil
Brazil's former president greets supporters in Sao Paulo as an investigation continues into the 2023 storming of Congress.
25.02.2024 22:43
'Fewer children will be born': Alabama embryo ruling divides devout Christians
After Alabama rules that frozen embryos are children, some fertility patients pray that lawmakers find a solution.
25.02.2024 18:36
Oppenheimer dominates SAG Awards ahead of Oscars
Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr won acting prizes, while the film won best ensemble cast.
25.02.2024 05:05
Kim Petras on sexual liberation and fighting TikTok
The pop star talks about her sex-positive EP, and why artists need to take a stand over royalties.
25.02.2024 02:20
Your pictures on the theme of 'on the horizon'
A selection of striking images from our readers around the world.
25.02.2024 02:00
The blind Ukrainian amputee whose wife's voice kept him alive
Serhiy suffered catastrophic injuries - including losing both his legs - when an anti-tank mine blew up his vehicle.
25.02.2024 01:23
Republican hopefuls audition to be Trump’s VP pick
As Kristi Noem and Vivek Ramaswamy top a straw poll of conservative activists, we assess all the pitches.
25.02.2024 00:20
Farmers' anger erupts at trade show in Paris
Clashes erupt between security forces and farmers protesting at the presence of President Macron.
24.02.2024 17:36
Gaza desperately needs more aid but agencies can’t cope
Paul Adams examines why agencies are unable to get desperately needed aid into the Gaza Strip.
24.02.2024 11:45
Two years into Russia's invasion, exhausted Ukrainians refuse to give up
Ukrainians may be fatigued by the war, but they still see it as a fight for survival.
24.02.2024 07:00
Watch: A look back at the Ukraine war two years on
The BBC's Joe Inwood reflects on two years since Russia launched its full scale invasion of Ukraine.
24.02.2024 02:41
Valencia fire: Early videos show how flames spread
Experts say highly flammable cladding may have helped the fire spread.
23.02.2024 20:11
First private Moon mission marks new era for space travel
Odysseus' successful landing has sparked excitement around a possible expansion of the lunar economy.
23.02.2024 15:38
‘We are transmitting’: US Moon mission touches down
An American company becomes the first commercial outfit to put a spacecraft on the Moon.
23.02.2024 09:59
Dozens of cars pile up after icy Chinese highway crash
At least nine people were injured in the incident, which Chinese state media said involved over 100 cars.
23.02.2024 08:47
Watch accused killer policeman hand himself in
Beau Lamarre has been charged with murdering missing Australian TV personality Jesse Baird and his boyfriend Luke Davies.
23.02.2024 06:38
New bodycam video of Rust set shown in court
Armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who is on trial after a cinematographer was killed, is seen handing the gun to police.
23.02.2024 03:46
Moment two rescued from deadly Spain tower block fires
A fire in two residential buildings in Valencia has killed at least five people, with several still missing.
22.02.2024 21:39
Watch as UK aid is dropped from plane into Gaza
The BBC's Quentin Sommerville joins the Jordanian Air Force as they drop UK aid into northern Gaza.
22.02.2024 20:54
Walled site grows at Egypt border near Gaza
Egypt has built more than 3km of wall in the past week, BBC Verify has discovered.
22.02.2024 20:16
'Dad, please don't go out': The Gazans killed as Israel freed hostages
Shrapnel ripped through the tents of displaced Palestinians as the Israeli military rescued two hostages.
21.02.2024 18:01
Sunset video shows Mexico volcano spewing ash
A yellow alert for areas close to the volcano is currently in place, according to local media.
21.02.2024 13:27
Let me see my son's body - Navalny's mother to Putin
Lyudmila Navalnaya makes a plea to Putin to release Alexei's body after he died in an Arctic prison.
20.02.2024 13:44
Huge water leak shoots into air on Texas street
Dramatic video shows the leak towering close to power lines blocking a road in College Station, Texas.
19.02.2024 17:17
Putin killed Alexei - Navalny's widow
Yulia Navalnaya has posted a video statement blaming the Russian president for her husband's death.
19.02.2024 13:59
Tel Aviv protesters call on Netanyahu to resign
The Israeli prime minister's popularity has declined among Israelis after the 7 October Hamas attacks.
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