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Trump's 90-minute speech... in 90 seconds
Donald Trump spoke for an hour and a half at the Republican National Convention.
19.07.2024 08:26
UN top court to give opinion on Israeli occupation
The UN's top court is expected to say whether it views the occupation as illegal, in a landmark case.
19.07.2024 08:23
One dead after apparent drone attack on Tel Aviv
The military is investigating the cause of an explosion in central Tel Aviv early on Friday.
19.07.2024 08:14
Melania Trump watches husband's convention speech in rare appearance
Donald Trump's wife rarely appears in public, but she was welcomed by the crowd five days after her husband was targeted by a gunman.
19.07.2024 07:59
Watch Trump and Melania kiss as balloons drop
Watch Trump and Melania kiss as balloons drop to mark end of Republican convention.
19.07.2024 07:58
Five takeaways from Trump's convention speech
The Republican gave a first-hand account of his shooting and projected a message of unity - mostly.
19.07.2024 07:55
Ghosts of Olympics past leave their mark in Paris
More than 100 years on, traces of the 1900 and 1924 Olympics remain across the French capital.
19.07.2024 07:01
South Korea makes N Korean defector vice minister
Tae Yong Ho was Pyongyang's deputy ambassador to the UK before he fled to South Korea in 2016.
19.07.2024 05:53
Who are the Democrats calling time on Joe Biden?
A growing number of politicians, donors and party members are urging the 81-year-old to end his re-election bid.
19.07.2024 05:47
Democratic mood darkens as Biden faces new pressure
A new poll shows Trump with his biggest lead of the campaign, as high-level Democrats are reportedly expressing fresh concern.
19.07.2024 05:43
'It can only be a bullet' - Trump describes moment he was shot at
Blood was pouring everywhere, he tells the convention, but says he felt safe because 'I had God on my side'.
19.07.2024 05:09
Republicans put abortion disagreements aside at 'unity' convention
Leading anti-abortion voices said a schism was emerging but many Republicans did not want to dwell on the issue, a political vulnerability for the party.
19.07.2024 04:56
What Republicans want from a second Trump presidency
Some of former President Donald Trump's most ardent supporters have been speaking to the BBC's Kayla Epstein.
19.07.2024 03:12
Red carpets, cars and cowries: Africa's top shots
A selection of the week's best photos from across the African continent.
19.07.2024 01:36
Journalist told to pay damages for mocking Italian PM's height
A reporter is told to pay €5,000 for posts that a judge ruled amounted to "body shaming".
19.07.2024 01:07
Zelensky: Trump would be hard work, but we are hard workers
The Ukrainian leader tells the BBC in an exclusive interview that he is willing to work with anyone who is in power in the US.
19.07.2024 00:27
American comedian Bob Newhart dead at 94, publicist says
The legendary deadpan comic won numerous awards over his decades-long career.
19.07.2024 00:04
Bridgerton and Baby Reindeer drive Netflix sign-ups
Netflix added more than 8 million subscriptions in the quarter, nearly double analyst expectations.
18.07.2024 23:47
Watch: Waterspout spotted off Philippines coast
Footage shows the column of air and water near Misamis Oriental province on Thursday.
18.07.2024 22:29
Bangladesh issues high security alert as deadly protests escalate
A High Security Alert has been issued for the whole of Bangladesh, as violent clashes between students and police continue.
18.07.2024 22:07
Rwanda's president smashes his own election record
Paul Kagame wins with more than 99% of the vote, showing Rwanda's lack of democracy, his critics say.
18.07.2024 21:20
'Is this some kind of fantasist?' Behind the viral BBC video
Gary O'Donoghue reveals his initial disbelief when an eyewitness described seeing Trump gunman on roof.
18.07.2024 20:41
What do European leaders think about the UK's new PM?
What do European leaders think about the UK's new PM?
18.07.2024 17:34
Ursula von der Leyen secures five more years in top EU job
Ursula von der Leyen is re-elected as European Commission president after a secret ballot among MEPs.
18.07.2024 17:18
Moment woman escapes fatal crane collapse
Crews in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were building the crane when a section of it came loose.
18.07.2024 14:37
Trump supporters say ear bandages are 'sign of love'
Several members of the RNC's Arizona delegation were spotted helping Trump 'set a new fashion statement'.
18.07.2024 12:17
Lara Trump's meteoric rise signals changing of Trump family guard
The former president's daughter-in-law has emerged as one of his most powerful political operatives.
18.07.2024 11:32
Who is Usha Vance, lawyer and wife of Trump's VP pick?
A graduate of Cambridge University and Yale, Usha Vance has influenced her husband JD Vance's career since they first met.
18.07.2024 05:30
Watch: Huge fire engulfs 14-storey shopping centre in China
At least 16 people have died in the mishap at the 14-storey building.
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