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All the latest breaking news from Hong Kong, China and around the world
US Presidential election 2024: Trump booed and heckled at raucous Libertarian convention speech
Libertarians, who prioritise small government and individual freedoms, are often sceptical of the former president, and his invitation to address the convention has divided the party.
26.05.2024 04:20
India election: opposition rivals turned allies hope to unseat Modi in Delhi
Delhi, the administrative heart of the country, is a high stakes battle between former bitter rivals, the Indian National Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party, now allied against Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.
26.05.2024 04:18
Dubai is the new Portugal for Chinese property investors, lured by golden visas, improving infrastructure, agents say
Dubai is shaping up to be a new favourite for buyers, thanks to a booming real estate market and fast-track residency scheme, agents say. It handed out 158,000 ‘golden visas’, dwarfing the 13,000 that Portugal has issued since 2012.
26.05.2024 04:00
Did Tokyo secretly allow US warships carrying nuclear weapons to dock at Japan’s ports during Cold War?
Tokyo policymakers could have been driven by security needs and strong domestic opposition against atomic weapons when structuring post-World War II nuclear policy.
26.05.2024 04:00
China breeds leaner, meatier pig to bring home the bacon in food security drive
China’s domestically developed Lansi pig, a new breed with several advantages over Western imports, has received commercial approval – and could be an asset in the country’s efforts to self-source its livestock.
26.05.2024 04:00
Richard Sherman, who fuelled Disney charm in Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book and ‘It’s a Small World,’ dies at 95
Richard Sherman, a man behind famed Disney songs that delighted generations, such as “It’s a Small World (After all)” and Mary Poppins’ songs, died on Saturday, the Walt Disney Co announced on its website.
26.05.2024 03:38
Hong Kong trade office’s contributions to ties with UK mustn’t be forgotten
The history of Hong Kong’s overseas representations on trade and economic issues goes back to well before 1997. The positive impact of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London over the years should not be written off lightly.
26.05.2024 03:30
Residents in southern Hong Kong warn of legal action if university builds research hub
University of Hong Kong argues its Global Innovation Centre will help spur city’s transformation into innovation and technology hub as envisioned by Beijing, but residents in Pok Fu Lam warn they might go to court to stop project.
26.05.2024 03:00
Thailand’s free healthcare system is overworking its doctors. Can AI alleviate the burden?
Doctors are working overtime to ease the caseload as a result of people taking advantage of free healthcare services in Thailand, industry players say.
26.05.2024 03:00
Self-styled China education expert with violent approach to teaching exposed as ex-primary school teacher
A self-styled Chinese education expert with a punitive style of teaching has been called a bully and out of step with modern approaches to learning and parenting.
26.05.2024 03:00
Hamas says it captured Israeli soldiers in Gaza, Israel says no such incident
A spokesman for the militants said they lured the troops into an ambush, but did not say how many were abducted or offer any proof.
26.05.2024 01:25
Rishi Sunak pledges national service for all 18-year-olds in UK election gamble
The plan would require young Britons to choose between full-time placement in the armed forces or cyber defence for a year, or volunteering in their community.
26.05.2024 00:59
Harvard scientist behind Justin Bieber’s NAD therapy resigns, leaving China’s booming anti-ageing industry in hot water
A Harvard University professor, famed for his NAD anti-ageing therapy, has resigned from a prominent scientific academy.
26.05.2024 00:00
Burkina Faso extends junta rule for 5 years
The decision was made after consultations ostensibly aimed at charting a way back to civilian rule for the West African nation beset by jihadist violence.
25.05.2024 23:31
Erotic dancer comedy-drama Anora wins Palme d’Or at Cannes
The film, directed by Sean Baker, stars Mikey Madison as a dancer who strikes gold with a wealthy client, only to face the wrath of his Russian oligarch parents.
25.05.2024 21:30
Dozens dead, mostly children, in India amusement park fire
More than 300 people were in the two-storey building at the theme park at the time, as it was a summer holiday weekend.
25.05.2024 20:57
4 US Army vessels run aground near Gaza pier
No injuries were reported and the pier remains fully functional, US Central Command says, adding that Israel is aiding a recovery effort.
25.05.2024 20:12
Gaza war: Israel says World Court order doesn’t rule out entire Rafah offensive
Officials say the emergency ruling to halt its assault allows room for some military action: ‘What they are asking us, is not to commit genocide.’
25.05.2024 19:12
Van driver arrested after accident in Hong Kong leaves 8 people injured
Van crashes onto safety island between Salisbury Road and Nathan Road shortly before 7pm, with dark fumes emerging from vehicle.
25.05.2024 17:45
Pakistani Christians attacked by mob over alleged desecration of Koran
Blasphemy is a sensitive subject in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where an accusation can lead to a street lynching.
25.05.2024 17:15
Singapore Airlines turbulence: stopping meal service may not reduce risk to passengers, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific union says
Paul Weatherilt, chairman of Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association, says stopping all airline meal service when seat belt sign turned on may not be most effective way to tackle turbulence risk.
25.05.2024 16:54
About 5.7 million in Syria live in extreme poverty amid civil war, World Bank says
Two World Bank reports show that more than one in four Syrians live in extreme poverty, which was virtually non-existent before the war.
25.05.2024 16:30
Divided legislature and mainland Chinese forces ruin honeymoon for Taiwan’s William Lai
Early opposition successes point to potential trouble for DPP administration, from cross-strait policy and military budgets to falling popularity.
25.05.2024 16:00
China reports crash of survey drone in vital South China Sea waters
Maritime authorities warn vessels to be on alert after drone comes down earlier this month.
25.05.2024 15:47
Hong Kong’s finance chief goes on charm offensive in Paris with Greater Bay Area delegation
Financial Secretary Paul Chan invites VivaTech, Europe’s biggest tech exhibition, and a leading concert hall to Hong Kong
25.05.2024 15:16
UK records more than 10,000 people arriving in small boats since January
The 10,170 arrivals between January and May 25 were an increase from 7,395 in the same period last year.
25.05.2024 15:15
Ban on ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ protest song finally bearing fruit for government, observers say, as YouTube and others ‘draw the line’
But efforts to ‘wholly’ ban song online will be impossible, commentators say, especially as creators seek new distribution channels and partners.
25.05.2024 15:02
How a few muddled words during China’s Chang’e-6 launch set off a flurry of faked moon landing rumours
Mission scientist Pei Zhaoyu struggles to form a sentence during a live broadcast, sending patriotic doubters of the 1969 moonwalk into overdrive.
25.05.2024 15:00
China’s new energy and EV sectors are ‘transforming’ global trade, no link to overcapacity claims: former commerce official
China’s high-end, green manufacturing to have ‘profound impact’ on global trade structures, former commerce vice-minister Jiang Yaoping tells globalisation forum in Beijing.
25.05.2024 14:00
Hongkongers should avoid touching wild birds amid possible mutation in deadly H5 avian flu virus, expert says
Ivan Hung of University of Hong Kong says signs of mutation in H5N1 bird flu virus could make mammals more likely to be infected than before.
25.05.2024 13:44
Singapore jails man who used fake staff pass to watch Bruno Mars concert after his post on ruse
He posted an Instagram Story with the text saying: “I’m trying to get into the concert of Bruno Mars without having any ticket.”
25.05.2024 13:32
G7 aims to tap income from US$300 billion frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine
The US has been pushing its G7 partners to back a loan that could provide Ukraine with as much as US$50 billion in the near term.
25.05.2024 12:36
Hong Kong buyers shun new flats at Wheelock’s Park Seasons project as home sales slow in May
Home purchases in Hong Kong are slowing down after an initial spate of enthusiasm sparked by the government’s rollback of cooling measures in February.
25.05.2024 12:30
Mainland China’s military wraps up Joint Sword-2024A drills near Taiwan
Social media accounts and media signal end to exercises staged as ‘punishment’ for ‘Taiwan separatists’.
25.05.2024 12:00
Myanmar’s Rohingya youths abducted and forced to fight as ‘human shields’ by junta and insurgents
Rohingya groups have been “selling” the youths to Myanmar’s military in its fight against insurgents, including the Arakan Army.
25.05.2024 12:00
Chinese pancakes: 2,000-year-old treat back in spotlight after superstar Rihanna whips up snack during China visit
International singing sensation Rihanna could not resist having a go at making one of China’s oldest and most famous street snacks on a recent visit to Shanghai.
25.05.2024 12:00
‘Why can’t I spend time with mum in prison?’ Hong Kong children need to bond with prisoner parents, experts urge
Family visits and ongoing relationships help to strengthen inmates’ resolve to change for the better, experts say.
25.05.2024 11:56
India election resumes as Modi ‘ramps up anti-Muslim rhetoric’ over opposition gains
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the opposition Congress party of pandering to minority Muslims for votes.
25.05.2024 11:51
Doraemon fans wowed by drone show in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, but some complain duration too short
While some spectators disappointed show includes advertisements, many are impressed with 3D drone formation of beloved Japanese cartoon character.
25.05.2024 10:22
Slow train to Kelantan: the passengers embracing Malaysia’s history of rail travel
The ‘Jungle Train’ service, which runs along the spine of Peninsular Malaysia, is the country’s last sleeper train as cars and buses drive speed of travel.
25.05.2024 10:00
Did scientists just find the first ever glueball using Beijing’s particle collider?
A long-theorised but never-seen-before particle known as a glueball may have just been discovered by physicists.
25.05.2024 10:00
Older Japanese men dip into cosmetics to jazz up looks as beauty consciousness grows
The use of make-up has spread to older generations, with spending on cosmetics jumping among people in their 40s and 50s.
25.05.2024 09:53
‘Smile more’: Hong Kong prepares for hospitality campaign by getting service sector and civil servants to be more courteous
Tourism chief Kevin Yeung says authorities will coordinate efforts among service sector, civil servants and transport operators to promote campaign.
25.05.2024 09:42
Philippine divorce bill’s passing hailed by women’s rights groups, but conservatives vow to fight back
The bill could face roadblocks when it reaches the senate as pressures from conservative lawmakers and Catholic groups mount.
25.05.2024 08:00
‘One of China’s most inspiring people’: high achieving deaf woman sets mainland social media abuzz with news of wedding
A woman from a remote region of China, who was voted one of the 10 most inspiring figures of 2021 for her can-do attitude, has thrilled admirers with news of her nuptials.
25.05.2024 08:00
Florida priest accused of biting woman who grabbed Holy Communion wafers
Fidel Rodriguez said he bit the woman’s arm when she refused to let go of the bread after he initially refused to grant her the ability to participate in communion.
25.05.2024 06:50
Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s son to throw another grand pre-wedding party on luxury cruise ship
Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant will be joined by about 800 guests, including Bollywood stars, on a cruise from Italy to France.
25.05.2024 06:26
Is there ‘no reason to panic’ even as Singaporeans snap up Covid-19 test kits in new wave of infections?
Infectious disease experts in Singapore say there is ‘no reason to panic’, even as the ‘mildness of this current wave’ may cause it to drag out for a long time.
25.05.2024 06:00
‘No high hopes’ for China at summit with Japan, South Korea, though revival of 3-way talks marks a start
‘Return to some level of dialogue’ expected to be main goal as China aims to pull Japan and Korea away from US orbit in first trilateral summit since 2019, analyst in Tokyo says.
25.05.2024 06:00
Emu caught by Hong Kong authorities in car park after 3-hour chase in New Territories
Authorities catch large flightless bird at 9.50am, hours after police receive reports of emu running in New Territories.
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