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All the latest breaking news from Hong Kong, China and around the world
China to draw up AI regulation in 2023 as Beijing races against EU, US to roll out new laws covering the technology
The 2023 legislation plan of the State Council, China’s cabinet, includes the submission of a draft AI law, among more than 50 measures up for review by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.
08.06.2023 13:36
Beijing calls on US to let Hong Kong leader John Lee attend San Francisco Apec meeting in November
Beijing’s foreign ministry says Lee should not be prevented from attending San Francisco event in November.
08.06.2023 13:20
South China Sea: Asean to hold first joint military drills amid rising China tensions
Asean members Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia have competing claims with China, which asserts sovereignty over vast stretches of the waterway.
08.06.2023 13:19
Block all overseas calls: police in multiple Chinese cities issue ‘urgent reminder’ as anti-fraud drive scaled up
Flurry of public appeals is part of drive to combat rampant online fraud by scaling down mobile users’ exposure to platforms seen as hard to police.
08.06.2023 13:00
Mourners at Hong Kong mosque pay respects to 3 girls allegedly murdered by mum
Tight-knit community takes part in 20-minute prayer before girls’ bodies sent to Chai Wan Muslim Cemetery.
08.06.2023 12:41
China expected to be world’s largest importer of clean hydrogen, Deloitte says as it urges world to scale up production capacity by 2050
China is estimated to be the world’s largest importer of clean hydrogen, requiring 13 million tonnes of imported hydrogen a year by 2030, Deloitte report says.
08.06.2023 12:40
Malaysia, Indonesia unite to fight ‘discriminatory’ EU over palm oil curbs
The leaders of the world’s two largest palm-oil producers want the European Union to ‘promptly address’ a new law aimed at forest protection that they say is ‘unjust’ and will hurt the smallest farmers most.
08.06.2023 12:30
Hong Kong Web3 firm Animoca’s bet on non-US markets offers buffer from SEC’s labelling of Sand token as security
Animoca said it has been focused on ‘more progressive jurisdictions’, as its token for The Sandbox was named by the SEC in lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase.
08.06.2023 12:30
Chinese woman saved after falling unconscious on Mount Everest refuses to pay Sherpa guide US$10,000 rescue fee, angering mainland public
A woman found unconscious on Mount Everest is under fire for refusing to pay a rescue fee or thank the two climbers who gave up their summit dream to risk their lives saving her.
08.06.2023 12:00
‘Nation in shock’ as 4 children injured in stabbing in French Alps, 2 in critical condition
Two of the children – believed to be aged around three – and an adult were in critical condition and fighting for their lives in hospital, a security source said.
08.06.2023 11:41
Does German firms’ hot take on China business show limits of Beijing’s charm offensive?
Survey finds ‘profound’ geopolitical implications from international tensions are weighing on the confidence of German investors in China, while Beijing’s business-boosting efforts are deemed lacking.
08.06.2023 11:30
As South Korea, China top Asia-Pacific internet speeds, can ‘very proud’ 5G roll-out extend to rest of region?
Weak governmental support and the high cost of investment are two of the main reasons that some Asian nations have been slow to jump on the 5G bandwagon – let alone 6G.
08.06.2023 11:23
Ukraine war: Zelensky visits area flooded by destroyed dam as 5 reported dead in Russian-occupied town
The Ukrainian leader said on social media he was helping assess efforts to evacuate civilians, provide drinking water and other support, and try to stanch vast environmental damage.
08.06.2023 11:13
China’s new Covid wave expected to peak in June at 11 million cases a week
Surge being fuelled by Omicron variant XBB likely to be much smaller than winter outbreak, according to UK-based health data firm Airfinity.
08.06.2023 11:00
Australian man sentenced to 9 years in prison for gay American’s 1988 manslaughter
Scott Johnson’s death in 1998 was originally thought to be a suicide but police eventually opened an investigation into what they suspected was a gay hate crime in 2012.
08.06.2023 10:44
Taiwan question is ‘biggest risk’ to US-China relations, must be brought ‘under control’, Beijing’s top envoy to US says
Ambassador Xie Feng made the remarks to American business leaders, adding that China has ‘always been open to dialogue’.
08.06.2023 10:43
Indonesians living in Malaysia go gaga as President Widodo meets workers at wet market
Many Indonesians jostled for a glimpse of their leader who visited the popular Pasar Chow Kit market in Kuala Lumpur.
08.06.2023 10:16
Why can’t Hongkongers resist illegal home improvements?
The phenomenon claims everyone from government officials to New Territories villagers. While keeping safety paramount, it may be time to update building regulations to offer room for creativity.
08.06.2023 10:15
Hong Kong operator forced to deflate giant duck similar to beloved art installation, after causing a splash
Authorities order removal of rubber duck, which looks similar to well-known installations by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.
08.06.2023 10:01
Chinese quantum computer is 180 million times faster on AI-related tasks, says team led by ‘father of quantum’ Pan Jianwei
Jiuzhang computer took less than a second for a task that the fastest classical supercomputer in the world would take nearly five years to solve.
08.06.2023 10:00
20-metre tree crashes down on luxury Bentley car in Hong Kong shopping district; witness says pedestrians lucky to escape injury
Driver at first trapped in car but later managed to climb out, police say.
08.06.2023 09:42
South Korea says chip industry facing ‘all-out war’ amid US-China tensions
President Yoon Suk-yeol met with industry leaders and pledged to expand research and development to maintain South Korea’s lead in memory chips.
08.06.2023 08:55
Sick pug puppy dies after being found stuffed in plastic bags on Hong Kong hillside, animal group outraged owner ‘didn’t want dog dead in house’
Lifelong Animal Protection Charity says owner showed up at its centre and told volunteers not to bring animal in and ‘spread disease’ to other dogs.
08.06.2023 08:31
Hong Kong’s top court allows appeal against decision to acquit Tiananmen vigil group member of incitement
Justice department’s appeal against Chow Hang-tung’s acquittal approved as case involves points of ‘great and general importance’, three judges say.
08.06.2023 08:25
Once ruled out as potential PM, Singapore’s Tharman Shanmugaratnam quits cabinet to make bid for elected president
The elder statesman, widely seen as a formidable establishment choice, was earlier ruled out for the prime ministership on account of his race.
08.06.2023 08:12
‘Everything is fake’: Taiwan fitness influencer outed for sham 3-year cancer ordeal as fraud by ex-husband, also admits lying to new partner
Social media in Taiwan has reacted with anger to the story of a fitness influencer on the island who had portrayed herself as a cancer fighter only to be exposed as a fraud by her ex-husband.
08.06.2023 08:00
Cathie Wood says Binance’s troubles could benefit Coinbase as her Ark Invest funds snap up shares of US crypto exchange
Binance and Coinbase have both been sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, but Coinbase has not been accused of criminal activity, Woods said.
08.06.2023 07:45
Australian ‘booze bandit’ left red-faced after liquor shop door fails to open during theft
The man couldn’t get The Bottle-O Beechboro store’s sliding door to open as he attempted to dash out of the venue with a crate of drinks.
08.06.2023 07:14
Ukraine war: Nova Kakhovka dam destruction increases threat of moving landmines
The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine will have a catastrophic effect on locating landmines in the affected region, the Red Cross warned.
08.06.2023 06:42
Former Hong Kong district councillor remanded in custody over alleged HK$100,000 phone scam on elderly woman
Wong Chun-yeung, nicknamed Sheep, 28, is accused of pretending to be woman’s son in a phone conversation, claiming he had been arrested and requiring bail money.
08.06.2023 06:31
China’s new financial gatekeeper Li Yunze strikes an optimistic note, vowing to wipe out ‘blind spots’ to protect economy from risks
The core objective of financial regulation is to prevent any systemic risks from the banking, insurance or securities industries from hurting the underlying economy or pushing the growth trend off track, Li said.
08.06.2023 06:19
US senators tell TikTok CEO to explain contradictions in reports on data storage and security
Two senators sent a letter to CEO Chew Shou Zi asking about a report that TikTok stored financial information and Social Security numbers on Chinese servers.
08.06.2023 06:14
Japan court rules not allowing same-sex marriage is ‘in a state of unconstitutionality’
Fukuoka District Court’s complicated verdict fell short of expectations of activists in Japan, the only G7 nation without legal protection for same-sex unions.
08.06.2023 06:00
Health alarm as Canada’s ‘worst wildfire season’ blankets US East Coast in smoke
Wildfires continue to burn large tracts of forest in Canada, with little sign weather will provide much help to firefighters who are battling the blazes that are sending smoke over New York and other major cities.
08.06.2023 05:55
Hong Kong government should cap contribution to HK$2 transport subsidy scheme for elderly: economists and lawmakers
Call made after labour and welfare minister earlier revealed reimbursement to transport operators snowballing, putting pressure on city’s coffers.
08.06.2023 05:45
Envoy says comedian Jocelyn Chia ‘not Singaporean’ as Malaysia rages at MH370 joke
The city state’s high commissioner in Kuala Lumpur apologised to Malaysians for Chia’s ‘hurtful remarks’ made at a New York comedy club in a bid to put an end to the simmering controversy.
08.06.2023 05:34
‘Don’t let him drink too much’: online praise as caring Chinese daughter enters boozy father’s chat group, urges friends to limit his alcohol intake
Mainland social media has praised a worried daughter in China who, at the end of her tether with her alcoholic father, posted a heartfelt online plea to his drinking buddies asking them to curtail his alcohol intake.
08.06.2023 05:00
Trump lawyers notified he is target of classified documents probe
The notice adds to Donald Trump’s legal troubles as he campaigns for the White House in 2024.
08.06.2023 04:09
Japan’s asylum problem: lessons from Sri Lankan detainee’s death ‘still not learnt’, activists say
Human rights campaigners say there is still no effective oversight of the government agencies tasked with handling those in detention .
08.06.2023 03:45
Retirement: some Hong Kong employees dream of it, others dread it. Will introducing a statutory age make a difference?
Less educated Hongkongers with few skills want support to continue working as long as they can.
08.06.2023 03:00
Chinese scientists use nanoplatform ‘aircraft carrier’ to release drugs and attack tumours in cancer patients
Therapy can inhibit tumour growth, promote the body’s immune response and prevent cancer cell metastasis, says team from Donghua University in Shanghai.
08.06.2023 03:00
‘Not a mouse head’: college in China claims ‘foreign object’ with ‘teeth’ in canteen dish is duck neck but many unconvinced
An investigation into a video showing what looks like a mouse head in a student’s meal at a college canteen failed to quell online speculation, as many rejected official claims it was part of a duck neck.
08.06.2023 03:00
In reforming Australia’s immigration policies, serious obstacles remain
While proposed policy changes promise a better, more efficient and humane migration system, there are still historic concerns. The country continues to grapple with racism and research indicates that a sizeable minority still doesn’t welcome migrants.
08.06.2023 02:15
Scientists find crocodile ‘virgin birth’ at Costa Rica zoo
One of the female’s eggs was found to contain a fully formed stillborn baby reptile; genetic testing showed it was a result of reproduction without the genetic contribution of a male.
08.06.2023 01:34
UK to host world’s first AI summit, PM Rishi Sunak says while visiting US
The prime minister is seeking a leading role for Britain in limiting potential doomsday risks from artificial intelligence gone wrong.
08.06.2023 01:04
Hong Kong to exceed pre-Covid passenger numbers in 2027, but must ‘convince’ airlines to return, global aviation body says in upgraded forecast
Willie Walsh, head of International Air Transport Association, says revised projection because of faster-than-expected reopening of mainland China’s borders.
08.06.2023 01:00
JD.com’s new strategy to woo cash-strapped Chinese shoppers: smaller retailers, cheaper products
The move could help boost JD.com’s offerings of cheaper products, but the company also needs to protect its brand image, analysts say.
08.06.2023 01:00
Indonesia to free Australian man arrested naked, drunk after compensation deal with rampage victim
The 23-year-old man was detained in April after he was accused of drinking vodka and attacking several people near a surf resort in Aceh province.
08.06.2023 01:00
Russian troops firing on Ukrainian rescuers after dam blast, Volodymyr Zelensky says
The president says people and animals have died in the floods caused by the dam’s destruction, while Moscow’s forces are shooting at those trying to save others.
08.06.2023 00:12
No ‘smear’ tactics, more say for China in global debt-relief efforts, urges former PBOC head Zhou Xiaochuan
The former governor of China’s central bank says the West’s debt-trap claims, along with the pandemic, have affected Chinese investment in countries under the Belt and Road Initiative.
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