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All the latest breaking news from Hong Kong, China and around the world
China advises state firms to keep eye on finances as risk becomes economic watchword
The commission administering China’s largest state firms has cautioned them to control and prevent risk in their financial subsidiaries and operations, a sign of heightened focus on systemic shortfalls as debt burdens continue to plague smaller institutions.
06.12.2023 02:00
As Pakistan’s urban sprawl spreads, green turtles fight for survival in ‘painful scene’
Construction, noise and rubbish pollution and exhaust fumes have caused deformities in green turtle hatchlings, as hatchling births fall yearly.
06.12.2023 02:00
‘This is a joke’: police in China fine ‘irresponsible’ woman for riding electric suitcase down busy Shanghai street
A woman has been fined in China after traffic police caught her riding an electric suitcase down a busy Shanghai street on her way to work.
06.12.2023 02:00
Indonesia’s plan to release 200 million special mosquitoes to fight dengue in Bali sparks ‘lab rats’ criticism
The plan, which involves releasing Aedes aegypti mosquitoes injected with the Wolbachia bacteria in Bali, has now been put on hold indefinitely.
06.12.2023 01:30
‘Think clearly before you do anything’: why jailed Hong Kong protester’s TV interview has divided opinions
Tsang Chi-kin, 22, who was jailed in October for nearly four years, appeared on a national security show and recounted his experience during the 2019 protests.
06.12.2023 01:00
In the salt deserts bordering Pakistan, India builds its largest renewable energy project
Once completed, the project that is the size of Singapore will supply 30 gigawatts of renewable energy annually, enough to power nearly 18 million Indian homes.
06.12.2023 01:00
Artist Jesse Darling wins Britain’s controversial Turner Prize
Known for working with unconventional materials such as hazard tape, Darling pipped Ghislaine Leung, Rory Pilgrim and Barbara Walker to the US$30,000 award.
06.12.2023 00:20
China’s economic recovery ‘stagnated’: 4 takeaways from November’s manufacturing, services activity
China’s official manufacturing and services purchasing managers’ indices (PMI) disappointed in November, although the Caixin/S&P Global gauges offered signs of recovery last month.
06.12.2023 00:00
Israel-Gaza war: Joe Biden says Hamas raped and mutilated women during October 7 assault
The US president said accounts of ‘unimaginable cruelty’ had been shared by survivors and witnesses over recent weeks.
05.12.2023 23:53
China’s education reforms were meant to lower costs. So why is schooling more expensive?
Two years since China passed education reforms to lower schoolwork burdens and reduce inequalities in education outcomes, the divide only appears to have grown wider and deeper.
05.12.2023 23:30
Why the EU must not spurn China’s charm offensive
EU-China relations have deteriorated since the pandemic over matters such as human rights, trade disputes and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This week’s summit offers both sides a chance to remember how much they need each other and would be better off working together.
05.12.2023 22:30
At least 16 dead as bus plunges off ‘killer curve’ in Philippines
The vehicle carrying dozens of passengers plunged into a ravine after its brakes malfunctioned on a winding road.
05.12.2023 22:00
US congressman Patrick McHenry, opponent of China investment curbs, won’t run for re-election
Representative Patrick McHenry has resisted efforts to require companies to notify the Treasury Department before making transactions in China that involve technologies with military applications.
05.12.2023 21:23
Hamas drugged hostages before release so they looked ‘happy’, Israeli health official says
Some captives were given sedatives such as Rivotril, also known as Clonex, Hagar Mizrahi, head of general medicine at Israel’s health ministry, told lawmakers.
05.12.2023 20:52
US to hit Israeli settlers with visa bans over West Bank violence
Biden has warned repeatedly against attacks on Palestinian civilians in the area, which have more than doubled since the October 7 Hamas attack.
05.12.2023 20:09
Taliban rule ‘made girlhood illegal’ in Afghanistan, Malala Yousafzai says
The Nobel Prize winner says many are facing depression and turning to drugs and called for gender apartheid to be made a crime against humanity.
05.12.2023 18:34
Ukraine war: 6 Ukrainian children returned from Russia thanks to Qatari deal
Russia has been accused of forcibly deporting thousands of Ukrainian children from schools, hospitals and orphanages in parts of the country controlled by its forces.
05.12.2023 18:10
Hong Kong secondary school pupils’ performance falls in global Pisa study on reading and maths competency, with pandemic blamed for general decline
Hong Kong pupils have dropped out of the top 10 to 11th place for mother tongue literacy in the Programme for International Student Assessment.
05.12.2023 17:03
Hong Kong firefighters recover man’s body from excavator submerged in fish pond
Fire Services Department receives report of heavy construction equipment plunging into pond in Yuen Long’s Tai Sang Wai, with caller concerned victim still inside.
05.12.2023 16:28
UK home secretary James Cleverly signs new Rwanda treaty to resurrect asylum plan
The new treaty will include an agreement that Rwanda would not expel asylum seekers to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened – a major concern by the UK Supreme Court, which last month ruled the agreement illegal.
05.12.2023 16:00
Contractor in Hong Kong surgical light safety scare must apologise, cover expenses over incident, Hospital Authority says
Medical tech company Getinge has also been suspended from tendering for contracts until next September after falling hospital light left worker with shoulder injury.
05.12.2023 15:59
Hong Kong public schools witness slight uptick in Form One classes, but educators say student numbers to drop in 2 years
New figures show the number of Form One classes at government and aided schools rose to 1,498 this academic year from 1,496 in 2022-23.
05.12.2023 15:48
Chinese automotive chip manufacturers plan to invest billions in Hong Kong amid city’s push to reindustrialise
Hong Kong’s push to boost local advanced manufacturing is gaining traction, according to government officials, as the Asian financial centre endeavours to diversify its economy.
05.12.2023 15:30
‘Europe will not forget’: euro-zone rescue fund official recalls Asia’s help with financial crisis in 2010s
ESM CFO Kalin Anev Janse says China was among the countries that showed a very strong commitment to Europe at that time and the two can continue to work together.
05.12.2023 15:30
WHO empties aid warehouse in southern Gaza after Israeli army ‘advice’
The WHO’s representative in the Palestinian territories said when you are advised by an army that it’s very unlikely you can reach your warehouse after 24 hours, of course you comply.
05.12.2023 15:27
First batch of Hong Kong Cathay Pacific pilots graduates from 75-week integrated training programme
Nineteen men, two women completed the carrier’s inaugural programme split between Hong Kong, US and Australia.
05.12.2023 15:06
China forecast to build US$1 billion GM crop market after landmark approval
China’s approval last month of genetically modified (GM) corn and soybeans is likely to lead to a quick and massive growth of a market for the crops in the coming years, analysts predict.
05.12.2023 15:00
Singapore tops world education list along with Asia’s Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, as Europe sees ‘worrying’ decline
Singapore took top ranking in the latest OECD assessment of education capabilities, with its students scoring highest in all three of the survey’s areas: mathematics, reading and science.
05.12.2023 14:54
Chinese shipyard unveils plans for world’s first nuclear tanker powered by cutting-edge molten salt reactor
The technology used to power the giant container could prove safer and more efficient than the uranium reactors currently used to power warships
05.12.2023 14:45
China approves 87 new video games, including Ubisoft spin-off from Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise, as local market recovery continues
Tencent-backed Ubisoft, NetEase, Perfect World, Lilith Games and Hypergryph lead list of major video game publishers with approved titles in November.
05.12.2023 14:30
China’s top diplomat Wang Yi visits US embassy to honour Henry Kissinger
Chinese foreign minister signs book of condolences and praises former US secretary of state for ‘objective and friendly’ view towards Beijing.
05.12.2023 14:25
Israel would consider another Gaza ceasefire to get back hostages
Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said securing the release of all those seized by Hamas remains an aim of the war, alongside destroying the Islamist militant group.
05.12.2023 14:08
‘World first’: Chinese scientists create high-power microwave weapon for small drones
Game-changing microwave drone weapon could see a permanent shift in military power balance.
05.12.2023 14:00
Hong Kong court strikes down complaints of bias against judge who convicted protester over carrying zip ties
High Court panel of judges find insufficient evidence to back up complaints against Magistrate Cheang Kei-hong over detention centre order for then-student in 2020.
05.12.2023 13:48
Cop28: China has ‘done a lot’ on methane, climate envoy says, as country faces criticism over plan to tackle emissions
Speaking on sidelines of UN climate change summit in Dubai, Xie Zhenhua defends Beijing’s efforts to address the greenhouse gas after critics of Chinese methane plan complain it lacks targets and deadlines for pollution cuts.
05.12.2023 13:30
Hong Kong opposition activist seeks judicial review after prison bans ‘obscene’ history book containing Birth of Venus image
Activist Owen Chow’s lawyers argue commissioner of correctional services has violated his freedom of expression by restricting access to artistic material.
05.12.2023 13:08
China amps up calls for ‘unified’ computing network to empower e-commerce and underpin AI
Only about three-quarters of China’s population has internet access, but a new infrastructure drive aims to make connecting to a ‘unified’ network as easy as getting water from the tap or flipping a light switch.
05.12.2023 13:00
India battered by Cyclone Michaung, 8 dead, as ‘worst storm in recent memory’ to bring ‘exceptionally heavy rainfall’
The cyclone hit the coast of Andhra Pradesh state as a “severe cyclonic storm” with winds up to 100 kilometres an hour
05.12.2023 12:38
Can China emerge from Kissinger’s long shadow over foreign policy with the US?
Kissinger was often the first port of call for Chinese envoys visiting the United States but the unanticipated election of Donald Trump in 2016 suggested that China’s observers were out of touch.
05.12.2023 12:24
China ‘disappointed’ at Moody’s downgrade of sovereign bonds outlook to negative
Moody’s Investors Service on Tuesday cut the outlook for Chinese sovereign bonds from stable to negative, while keeping their rating unchanged at A1, with Beijing calling their concerns ‘unnecessary’.
05.12.2023 12:17
Taiwan’s opposition parties hit with lawsuit over failed joint election deal
KMT party elder and former Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou investigated, along with the party’s chairman and presidential candidate plus TPP leader.
05.12.2023 11:44
Israel strikes Gaza’s second-largest city of Khan Younis as situation ‘gets worse by the hour’, WHO says
Palestinians say that as Israel continues to strike across the besieged territory, there are no areas where they feel safe.
05.12.2023 11:38
Japan’s bid to elevate Asean ties will offer region ‘options’ amid growing Chinese influence
Japan’s bid to elevate ties with the Southeast Asian bloc will show what a ‘rules-based order’ can do to bring peace and stability in the region, analysts say.
05.12.2023 11:30
‘Are they possessed?’: ritual duo pour foodstuff cocktail into China river for ‘good karma’ triggering online eco-backlash
Two women who poured cooking ingredients into a river in China as part of a “release life” tradition to bring good luck have sparked anger online.
05.12.2023 11:00
Australian man kicked off Scoot flight for slapping passenger, challenging others to fight on Singapore to Manila trip
A passenger was denied entry into the Philippines and was returned to Australia after being restrained and escorted off a Scoot flight for displaying “disruptive behaviour”.
05.12.2023 10:30
Japan increasingly ‘out of sync’ with global market as people shun speaking English
Even as Japan is ‘rapidly globalising’, many people are reluctant to speak English, a move one observer says is ‘self-defeating’ for the world’s third-largest economy.
05.12.2023 10:10
Hong Kong court issues arrest warrant for man over alleged election boycott calls, charges another in connection with social media reposts
YouTube pundit Wong Sai-chak, 45, faces three counts of inciting others to skip district council election, while analyst programmer is charged over sharing anti-voting post.
05.12.2023 10:02
How HKeToll can make Hong Kong a better city at the street level
When time-varying tolls are introduced at the three cross-harbour tunnels, Hong Kong will have a form of congestion charging for the first time. The charging system could be extended to congested roads which are not tunnels, and free up road space for pedestrians and landscaping.
05.12.2023 09:30
Tokyo taxi driver arrested for killing pigeon in hit and run: ‘roads belong to humans’
Atsushi Ozawa ploughed his taxi into a flock of pigeons at a speed of 60km/h, killing one. He was arrested for violating wildlife protection laws.
05.12.2023 09:00
China and EU should push relations to ‘a new level with new prospects’, Wang Yi tells European envoys in Beijing
In lead-up to China-EU summit on Thursday, China’s foreign minister says if the two sides choose dialogue and cooperation, there will be no bloc confrontation.
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