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How fear set in overnight in Sri Lanka
Many fear Gotabaya Rajapaksa's return to power will re-open old wounds, but most are too afraid to speak out.
26.02.2020 04:15
Who wants to follow in Merkel's footsteps?
Three rivals are vying to take over as head of the centre right CDU in a race to lead Germany.
26.02.2020 03:47
Solari boards: The disappearing sound of airports
Inside airports, old-school departure boards are falling silent. Outside, it's a different story.
26.02.2020 03:18
Coronavirus: Outbreak spreads in Europe from Italy
Cases have emerged in several countries involving travellers from Italy, but borders remain open.
26.02.2020 03:09
Underwater Photographer of the Year
The winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition 2020.
26.02.2020 02:13
Could North Korea handle a Covid-19 outbreak?
So far, the country claims to have no cases of Covid-19 - but that has been questioned.
26.02.2020 01:15
Outdoor heaters: Paris campaigners want them banned
A campaign is underway in Paris to ban heaters due to concerns about their electricity use.
26.02.2020 01:10
Climate change: Why are tomato prices in Africa increasing?
The price of tomatoes have skyrocketed in East Africa in recent weeks after floods ruined crops.
26.02.2020 01:10
How did companies sell 'unmentionable' sanitary towels?
How do you build a market for a product society considers unmentionable?
26.02.2020 01:08
How a serious accident led to business success
After a terrible skiing crash, Susanne Najafi embarked on her path as a serial entrepreneur.
26.02.2020 01:03
Six-year-old girl arrested at Florida school
Police bodycam footage captured the moment a visibly distressed child was arrested at her school in Orlando.
26.02.2020 00:37
What did the Trump-Modi ‘bromance’ achieve?
The two leaders tried their best to go beyond bear hugs, songs and dances. But did they succeed?
25.02.2020 23:59
Syria war: Strikes on Idlib 'target schools and hospitals'
Human rights groups say at least 20 civilians were killed in Idlib, including nine children.
25.02.2020 23:56
Miriam Haley comments on Weinstein's guilty verdict
One of two main accusers in Harvey Weinstein's trial says she feels 'huge relief' at his conviction.
25.02.2020 23:07
Saudi Arabia launches women's football league
The latest social reform comes two years after women were first allowed into stadiums.
25.02.2020 22:47
Greta Thunberg meets Malala at university
The campaigners posed for a photo together at Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford.
25.02.2020 21:57
Coronavirus: Tenerife hotel with hundreds of guests locked down
An Italian doctor staying at the hotel, which has hundreds of guests, tested positive on Monday.
25.02.2020 21:54
Viewpoint: Why a Texas county had a radical rethink on crime
A congressman's presidential run helped boost efforts in Texas to reform their criminal justice system.
25.02.2020 21:51
Nedim Yasar: Two jailed for life for killing reformed Denmark gangster
Nedim Yasar was shot dead after attending the launch of a book about how he turned his back on crime.
25.02.2020 21:06
Uighur mother makes plea to join Australian husband
Nadila Wumaier denies Chinese official's claims that she is free to leave house arrest.
25.02.2020 20:24
Etika mural becomes Pokemon Go spot in tribute to YouTuber
A New York City mural to deceased YouTuber Etika becomes a point of interest in video game Pokemon Go.
25.02.2020 19:17
Bernie Sanders under sustained attack ahead of debate
Attacks against Bernie Sanders fly in the hours before seven candidates take the stage in South Carolina.
25.02.2020 18:43
Kenya bans commercial slaughter of donkeys
Their population has fallen sharply since Kenya began exporting donkey meat and hide to China.
25.02.2020 17:17
Trump and Modi hail defence deal and shared values
India and the US have signed defence, energy and telecoms deals but failed to reach a trade accord.
25.02.2020 16:31
Plácido Domingo apologises to women who accused him of sexual harassment
The opera star says he is "truly sorry" for the hurt caused to women who accused him of harassment.
25.02.2020 12:03
How close are we to a pandemic?
Scientists are debating whether it is still possible to contain the new coronavirus.
25.02.2020 12:01
Coronavirus: The race to find the source in wildlife
From animals to humans, how did the deadly coronavirus make the leap? We look at the scientific evidence.
25.02.2020 01:09
Tearful tributes at Kobe and Gianna Bryant service
Thousands attended a service for the NBA star and his daughter who died in a helicopter crash in January.
24.02.2020 23:00
'I'm not leaving China without my dog'
A Ukrainian woman has told the BBC why she decided to decline evacuation and stay in the coronavirus stricken Chinese city of Wuhan.
24.02.2020 19:40
Harvey Weinstein guilty: How the Hollywood giant faced his reckoning
The judge said this was not a referendum on #MeToo. But at times, the trial felt like one.
24.02.2020 19:17
Coronavirus: Drone captures massive queue for masks in South Korea
Hundreds queued at a supermarket in Daegu, one of the South Korean epicentres of the virus outbreak.
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