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Canada wildfires: Millions advised to mask up due to intense smoke
The smog is expected to spread beyond New York to other East Coast areas on Thursday.
08.06.2023 14:02
Air quality: How to protect yourself from Canada wildfire smoke
With toxic air quality in parts of North America likely to persist, here's what you can do to stay safe.
08.06.2023 13:40
Is climate change fuelling Canada's wildfires?
Smoke from wildfires has enveloped Toronto and New York. We look at the role of a changing climate.
08.06.2023 12:56
Ukraine dam: What we know about Nova Kakhovka incident
Catastrophic floods engulf towns and villages in southern Ukraine after a major dam was destroyed.
08.06.2023 10:35
Ukraine dam: Maps and before and after images reveal scale of disaster
Satellite images reveal the full extent of the devastation caused by the collapse of the Kakhovka dam.
08.06.2023 10:32
Jodie Comer: Prima Facie star halts Broadway show due to wildfire smoke
The actress left the stage saying she had trouble breathing due to poor air caused by Canada fires.
08.06.2023 10:31
Busy escalator in South Korea suddenly changes direction
People were thrown to the floor and others tried to escape over the sides of the escalator.
08.06.2023 09:57
Lily Naing Kyaw: Killing of Myanmar singer unnerves pro-military celebrities
Lily Naing Kyaw championed the military - her death has spread fear among its supporters.
08.06.2023 09:41
Scott Johnson: Gay US student's killer jailed for 1988 manslaughter
Scott Johnson's body was found at the base of cliffs amid a spate of attacks on gay men.
08.06.2023 09:13
Australia to introduce national ban on Nazi symbols
Displays of the symbols will be punishable by jail terms, amid a resurgence in far-right activity.
08.06.2023 08:46
Ukraine war: Deserters risk death fleeing to Romania
Men desperate to avoid serving in the army are crossing the mountainous Romanian border to escape.
08.06.2023 07:42
Trapped whale is cut free from net
A 10m humpback whale has been rescued after becoming entangled in a shark net off Australia’s Gold Coast.
08.06.2023 05:55
Mike Pence tears into Donald Trump at 2024 campaign launch
Donald Trump's two-time running mate offers his most forceful repudiation of his ex-boss to date.
08.06.2023 04:51
Sudan conflict: What to do with the dead bodies in Khartoum
Some Khartoum residents have become accidental undertakers to stop corpses being left on the streets.
08.06.2023 03:58
Ukraine dam: Floods devastate tracts of rich farmland
The long-term consequences for agriculture will be severe in one of Ukraine's most fertile areas.
08.06.2023 03:23
Why Singapore is the only place in the world selling lab-grown meat
US-based Eat Just says its product is ethical, clean and green but scientists say it may just be a novelty.
08.06.2023 03:01
Affirmative action: Why this teen says he was rejected by top US colleges
Rutvij failed to get into an elite Ivy League university. Was he a victim of discrimination?
08.06.2023 01:11
Ukraine airdrops water bottles to people stranded by floods
Supplies are delivered to those trapped by floodwaters in Russian-controlled areas of the Kherson region.
08.06.2023 00:48
Watch Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupting in fiery display
The volcano has erupted spewing massive flows of lava around the crater floor.
08.06.2023 00:24
Canada fires shroud New York City with orange haze
Timelapse video of the city's skyline shows the air quality worsen in a matter of a few hours.
07.06.2023 22:54
Ukraine dam breach: Tears and a hug as people rescued
The BBC's James Waterhouse witnesses an evacuation in the Ukrainian city of Kherson.
07.06.2023 17:46
Kathleen Folbigg: Misogyny helped jail her, science freed her
Kathleen Folbigg was convicted of killing her four infant children in a stunning miscarriage of justice.
07.06.2023 17:20
Ukraine dam: The city of Kherson which has had enough
Many are trapped in their homes downstream from the breached dam and water levels are still rising.
07.06.2023 15:13
The Ukraine dam breach rescue... in 62 seconds
The BBC's James Waterhouse reports from a town flooded by the recent dam breach.
07.06.2023 13:21
Australia: Watch moment thief gives up on liquor store robbery
CCTV footage captured the moment a would-be thief was stopped in his tracks at an Australian liquor store.
07.06.2023 08:01
Colorado wildlife officer frees bear from inside a car
The uninvited guest managed to open the door of the vehicle and went in it to get dog food left inside.
06.06.2023 22:06
Ros Atkins unpacks the Ukraine dam breach
The BBC’s analysis editor looks at what we know about the Ukraine dam collapse at Nova Kakhovka.
06.06.2023 21:41
Nova Kakhovka: Who benefits from breaching the dam?
Russia and Ukraine are pointing the finger at one another, but where does the truth lie?
06.06.2023 19:20
Ukraine dam: Swans seen swimming through Nova Kakhovka
The city was flooded after Ukraine accused Russia of destroying a huge dam nearby.
06.06.2023 12:31
Watch: Water gushes through damaged Ukraine dam
President Zelensky shared a video of the Kakhovka dam, in Kherson region, on his Telegram page.
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